ANKOA is an escape from the everyday. It is the combination of simple design, art and the spirit of life that come together to create a unique experience.

 The products are a reflection of our customer’s appreciation for art and bohemian luxury. We exhibit influences that are equal parts global and nostalgic with a focus on natural materials, mixed artistic influences, artisanal embroidery and hand blocking created sustainably and ethically overseas and in our studio in Australia.

 Each piece is unique, with very small production runs focusing on pieces like art in the hope of evoking an emotional response.

 ANKOA is all about celebrating who you are and all that life has to offer.


 Who is behind ANKOA?

ANKOA is made possible by a small team of people, all of whom I am forever thankful for, without them, ANKOA would not be possible. I am the person behind each design, each website image, each product description, email and I am the person who lovingly and gratefully packs out and sends your order.

 It has taken me a long time to introduce myself for a many number of reasons, I am generally a pretty shy sort of person and live a pretty quiet lifestyle but over time I have realised the importance of sharing parts of my story with you as ANKOA is a huge part of my life and I am so very grateful for your support. I spend much of my time dreaming up ideas for the brand, am genuinely passionate about the creative process and am a bit of a dreamer, finding inspiration in the everyday. I am a Mum and for that reason aim to design pieces that are not only beautiful but easy to just throw on and instantly make you feel good. I am also passionate about looking after our world and embrace the notion of slow fashion with the hope that our pieces will be in your wardrobe for many years to come.

 I am so grateful for the support, friendships and community that ANKOA has allowed me to find and as the journey continues I feel it's important that you know who and what you are supporting. Thank you so very much for supporting my creative passion and dream. 

 What is the process?


Many ANKOA pieces start out as a drawing on my kitchen table. From there, I will make a pattern and sew a sample myself or have one of the artisans that I work with in India assist with this.

 After making adjustments I select fabrics for the design. One of the many reasons why I started ANKOA came from a genuine love for the art of hand block printing. Not all ANKOA pieces are hand blocked but it is certainly a huge focus and most of the designs are very simple, made to "celebrate" the fabric.


The beautiful art of hand blocking is centuries old, wooden blocks are carved by hand and then dipped in dye and stamped onto cotton and may be layered to create different affects. This is a very slow, careful process which takes much practice to master. The artistry, time, love and care that go into each of these prints make them not only unique but a piece of art.

 I also like to focus on using natural fibres and in particular cotton as it breathes well, is super soft and dreamy to wear and has the ability to keep you cool in Summer and provide warmth in Winter. Cotton is tough and durable, meaning it will last the test of time and less washing which not only saves you time but also has a better impact on our environment.


In each design and fabric, we usually only make a very small quantity of pieces, making them very special and unique. Once the pieces are photographed they are uploaded to the website to share with the ANKOA community. Sometimes we are able to do another run of a style but not always.


When I receive your orders I am truly grateful. It is because of your support that I am able to spend my time doing something that I truly love and am genuinely passionate about. I pack up your orders at my kitchen table with love, care and excitement.


 I am constantly looking to challenge and modify the ways in which I approach ANKOA and how I can make it in a way that is more sustainable. Thank you so very much for your support on this continuing journey and for supporting the dream that is ANKOA.


- Lucy