This piece is made from natural cotton fibres, it breathes well, is super soft and dreamy to wear with the ability to keep you cool in Summer and provide warmth in Winter. Cotton is tough and durable, meaning it will last the test of time and requires less washing. In the interest of the environment, we suggest simply hanging your piece on the line to air out rather than washing for each wear and then wash when required. 

We are slowly introducing fabric bags with our pieces to reduce the usage of plastic and unnecessary packaging. These may be reused as wash bags. Whilst we do say hand wash only, as a Mum I know this is not always practical so for those who dare to use a machine on the hand wash cycle please make use of your fabric bag.

We hope you will wear your piece for years to come, if you do decide the style is no longer working for you or it has been worn to pieces, please consider mending, donating your piece or recycling the reusable fabric to avoid ending up in landfill.