Kristen wears the Bobbi blouse and Mais skirt in dark purple

Sometimes it's easy to look at images on social media and find yourself comparing, thinking why don't I feel like or look like that? Sure, life may often appear perfect through the lens which is more often that not, simply not the case. Don't get me wrong I'm all for positivity but sometimes these platforms are a great way for women to share their stories and support one another through those real moments. After suffering several heartbreaking losses this is exactly what Kristen found, an amazing community to share her story and connect. Below she gives us an insight into her life as a gypsy child, life as a Mum and what she is looking forward to.

Tell us about your background - what has led you to here?

I was born in Western Australia and moved to the East Coast with my hippie mama and her friends to live in a Combi in Byron when I was 4. By the time I was 18 I had lived in 30 houses... A true gypsy at heart. I still feel the need to move after 6 months of living somewhere.
I met my partner in high school, fell in love, moved around a little more and was blessed with our first baby at 22. We tried for our second for 2 years and lost 3 babies until we were blessed with our rainbow baby. 
With each baby I have evolved, learned lessons, and found myself a little more. Right now, I am happy. Our life is definitely crazy with two free-spirited boys but it is just how I imagined my life to be.  
What is the best thing about being a Mother?

The little things. Like waking up next to them and stroking their sleepy faces, bathing them and tucking them into bed with a kiss on the forehead, wiping their tears and cuddling their sadness away, and hearing those big belly laughs! 
Kristen wears the Bobbi blouse 
What has surprised you about becoming a Mother?

In the early days I was overwhelmed with the opinions and the judgement. Everyone has something to say and I quickly learned to listen and then take on what I felt was best for me and my family. And the love, no one prepared me for that. It’s a love that I had never felt before! 

What is your parenting style?

I just run with it. I like to be spontaneous with my boys and let them lead the way to an extent. We often don’t plan things and then all of a sudden my lounge room is being turned into a pretend pirate ship and we’re all dressed up.
What gets you through on those days you are running on minimal sleep?

Coffee, essential oils and my mama friends. Three things I couldn’t live without! 
How would you describe your style?

Free flowing and boho. I also try and buy from small businesses, usually on instagram and buy pieces I know that I will wear frequently and will last. 
Kristen wears the Bobbi blouse 
Has your style changed since becoming a Mother?

Definitely! Since having babies I don’t often wear short skirts or tight fitting clothes anymore. I much prefer wearing comfortable light flowing dresses and skirts, and everything needs to be breastfeeding friendly. 
What are some of your favourite child friendly activities?

My boys love the outdoors so the beach is always our go-to, or during Winter we go for bush walks in our local pine forest or botanical garden. And play dates... couldn’t go without those!
Tell us about your children and their names... 

My first son’s name Ellis Owen came to me when I was pregnant. We knew we were having a boy and found it quite difficult to find a name in the baby books. We want unique names for our children, but something that is not necessarily unheard of or hard to spell... 
One day when I was lying in bed it just came to me and I turned to my partner and said “How about Ellis?” and that was it! And we thought Owen flowed well.
With our second baby boy Nova Atlas we waited to find out the gender at the birth. We threw a few names out there but couldn’t settle on anything for a while. I came across Nova when searching for girls names but felt an instant connection to it as a boys name so I suggested it to my partner for a boy and he loved it! We call him our little star. My partner is a big thinker and we often get into deep conversations about the universe and our son loves all things space so we all thought it was very fitting! 
What do you do when you get a moment to yourself?

Well firstly, this almost never happens as my baby is like my little shadow but when I do I love to have a cuppa and watch a good tv show or have a relaxing bath with Young Living Essential Oils (you can follow my oily account here, @oilytribe) 
Kristen wears the Bobbi blouse and Mais skirt in dark purple
What’s your mantra?

Live in the present and enjoy the small things. 
Do you have any “Mum Icons” or women who inspire you?

I don’t really have one in particular. I am inspired by many women, the strong ones... the ones who make mistakes and live through tough times and have the strength to overcome them. And mothers, from all walks of life. We are all incredibly inspiring. 

What are you looking forward to?

Two things come to mind... 
Seeing who our children become and where their lives take them. 
And our wedding! We have been together now for 11 years, engaged for 1. I can’t wait to finally marry my high school love. 
What is your favourite song to sing loudly in the car?

No song in particular but I do have big love for Beyoncé, who doesn’t, right? 
When did you last eat out?

On Friday it was Nova’s second day at day care so I went out for a baby free breakfast. It was so lovely! Although I still talked about him the entire time.
What is your favourite childhood memory? 

I grew up in a beautiful small community town called Lennox Head, right next to Byron Bay. My childhood is filled with memories of running around barefoot with my friends, climbing trees, our hands stained with mulberries from peoples gardens, swimming in the tea tree lake and eating hot chips at the beach until the sun went down. 
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