Hailey wears the Nettle blouse

I am forever reading books that conjure up images of lush countrysides, beautifully quaint homes surrounded by leafy green trees and gardens filled with flowers, animals roaming the yard and the sound of children's laughter echoing through the house. Meet Hailey, who was kind enough to share her story with us as well as some photos of her home in the idyllic setting of rural South Australia, where you can't help but feel a sense of magic and nostalgia for the simple life of such tales. Hailey speaks about the rollercoaster that is Motherhood, her love for animals as well as a gorgeous story about how she met her husband.


What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

Between the kids and the pets for sure. They make me the happiest even with how demanding they can be... the pets more so than the children haha.


What do you love most about motherhood?

The endless love, even when you are having a bad day they just love on you. In their eyes you are perfect and it makes me want to do better and be better. Always having a little bestie, someone to hang out with and enjoy life with through the eyes of child, it is just magic. They truly see beauty and happiness in the smallest things. They teach me something new every day. I learnt the true meaning of patience through my kids. 

 Hailey wears the Della Dress

What advice would you give to new Mums?

It’s hard, but it is all so worth it. Make time for you, don’t lose who you are. Enjoy every second, it goes by so quickly.  Like honestly in the blink of an eye they are at kindy.

 What is your parenting style?

I don’t really know if I have a style. I guess its relaxed, loving and based on attachment. I am really strong on manners and respect. I think each child is so different what works for one won’t work for the other. The type of parent I was for my eldest was very different to my second due to their needs and wants. My second was a high needs bub with sensory issues so everything I thought I knew learning with my 1st was thrown out the window and my style changed and adapted. 

Hailey wears the Della Dress

How do you make time for your relationship with your husband?

To be honest once the kids go to bed is kind of the extent of our time. We occasional get a wedding or something where we actually get to have a night out. I think we have seen one movie and one or two dinners in nearly 4 years. We are just lucky we are a very strong, easy going couple.


Hailey wears the Nettle blouse

 How did you meet your husband?

This is one of those long crazy stories, so I will try and cut it down. We went to the same school, however I was in year 8 and he was in year 12 so never spoke. Years after school one of my friends ended up seeing one of his friends. Still we never spoke, countless parties (I even sat on his lap once to talk to my bestie… yes ignored him) I guess it was never the right time. Years later all our joint friends started playing mixed netball, I was covering a player who was sick I ended up staying and being a permanent player. Our relationship flourished from there.  7 years later and 2 kids, just meant to be, but just needed the right timing.  A bit of a funny addition, I also went through my school photos and there is a pic of my hubby in the back ground of a pic of me and a friend at sports day. We always joke and say he was stalking me, or well he says I was stalking him but we all know the truth. 

 How do you switch off?

I love tv ( trashy tv) a good book, my animals and of course Instagram. 


Hailey wears the Nettle blouse

How would you describe your style?

I think my style changes often. Depending on the event, friends and how I feel. I guess a boho, whimsical, easy to wear and a mix of classy. I love my high end along with ethical and sustainable pieces. I am now more conscious of less Is more. Quality over quantity.


Do you find it more difficult to make time for fashion now that you’re a Mother?

Yes, and no, I feel the internet and online shopping has allowed me to still make time if not more time for fashion. I just cannot shop with my kids. My kids are the kind that look under the doors of other women and ask really inappropriate questions about me (like why I have a flabby belly, or what is that weird spot on your bum…or same but to others. 



Hailey wears the Della Dress

Do you have a good support system? 

I have my best friend Charmaine, honestly without her I wouldn’t survive, she is my wine and coffee gal and of course my hubby. My amazing hubby where do I start? Well firstly he puts up with me and I am all sorts of crazy. He was there for me through my PND and he just doesn’t give up, he never questions me and he always no matter what loves me. 

 What makes you happy?

Animals, I love animals, if hubby would let me I’d add a little piggie and some sheep and an alpaca. I also love sleep. Sleep makes me really happy.

 Who inspires you?

All mothers, it’s a hard gig with a lot of pressure and damn, we do a good job with little to zero recognition of what we actually do. Unless you have been a stay at home mum you would never understand just how hard and lonely it can be.

  What’s your mantra?

Everything happens for a reason, even the bad things lead you to a path you would have never otherwise travelled. 

 Hailey wears the Della Dress

Which would be harder for you to give up? Coffee or alcohol?

Coffee for sure.  I cannot start my day without one. My kids call me the wonky donkey until I have had my morning coffee (hopefully we all know the book). 

 If you were going to the movies alone (crazy, I know!), what film would you see?

Anything it has been that long haha.



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