Meet Bethany, a Wife and Mother to two beautiful children Willow and Jagger. I first found Bethany on Instagram when she had just given birth to Jagger prematurely. I was pregnant at the time and followed her journey hoping and praying for the best. With thanks to the amazing things that can be done now to support premature babies' health, Jagger is thriving.

I talked to Bethany about life as a Mum, a typical day for her and her love of 90's pop videos (I'm right there with her!).

 Bethany wears the Delphine dress

Bethany wears the Monet blouse

Tell us about your background - what has led you to here?

I've always been very interested in fashion since I was a little girl. Once I became a mother I was introduced into the wonderful world of children fashion and created my Instagram with the intent of sharing my love for it. 

 How would you describe your style?

 Relaxed! There is always some sort of bohemian edge to it, but I do mix it up depending on what mood I'm in. I'm all about comfort and minimal effort haha, If I can throw on a dress and be done then I am thrilled! It works well being a mother. 

 Has it changed since becoming a Mother?

 My initial style hasn't changed, but the effort I put in, the amount of money I spend on clothes for myself and the amount of time I spend getting dressed has changed drastically!

Bethany wears the Pru dress

Who do you admire?

I really admire women who have made names for themselves, who have really knuckled down and worked their way to the top with passion to drive them. Especially in a male dominated field.  

 What are your go to's for creative inspiration?

 Magazines, pinterest and lately - music videos!

 Which music videos are you taking inspiration from?

I've actually been watching old pop music videos from the 90s - so amazing haha. I'm also loving the videos from Little Mix, they have amazing style! 

Bethany wears the Pru dress

Describe your typical day?

Lately the kids have been waking me up at 6:30am and its been a DREAM! In Summer it was between 4:45- 5:30am so I'm really enjoying the sleep ins I've been getting. We live a pretty slow paced life which I adore, I can't handle chaos at the best of times so I like to keep home life chilled and flexible. The kids are incredible with each other, I never expected them to have the amazing bond they do so they occupy each other so much which is great for when I need to start on my Mount Everest washing pile! Kindy days are super hectic because Willow's kindy is 40 mins away in traffic so its a bit of a rush, lord help me when she starts school!

 What is your dream creative project?

I would LOVE to work with a major fashion brand.

Bethany wears the Lennon blouse

What was the last thing you ate?

Garlic bread haha!

 Where would we find you on the weekends?

 Visiting family, catching up on cleaning while my husband is home to occupy the kids (how boring!) or taking a drive up the mountain.

 What's your mantra?

 Be kind!

Bethany wears the Lennon blouse

What is the best part of being a Mum?

Willow is constantly telling me she loves me and I will never ever get bored of it! Jagger can't talk yet but he will sometimes grab my face and kiss me without me begging (haha) and I just crumble! Kids have the sweetest souls.

 Why Willow and Jagger for names?

I had Willow up my sleeve since I was a young teenager, I actually got it out of a Mary-kate and Ashley book and held onto it for a good 10 years haha. Jagger was on my boy names list when we were pregnant with Willow and my husband hated it so I left it on the list for future kids but wasn't expecting to use it. Then when I was pregnant with Jagger (and we knew he was a boy) my husband came into our room one night and said "What about Jagger?" I excitedly said "love it!" and just let him think he came up with it haha!

Bethany wears the Monet blouse

What are some of your favourite things about each child?

Willow is a mad lover of everything! It takes so little to totally make her day or excite her and I love having that kind of energy around me. Jagger is my sensitive soul who is so loving of soft toys and dolls, I constantly find him cuddling them or giving them pats and kisses!

  Anything you wish you were better at?

Remembering names!! Its actually a huge insecurity of mine, I'm an absolute shocker and I know it! 


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